The Lebanese Center for Civic Education LCCE is a Non Governmental Organization working since 2007 to empower youth and women to be change makers in their communities.

Our Vision

Youth and women are empowered to be change makers in their communities.

Our values

Non-discrimination - Inclusiveness - Participation - Responsibility - Transparency - Accountability

Our mission

LCCE supports youth and women living in disadvantaged communities in Lebanon to transform their lives for the better by equipping them with adequate knowledge and skills to actively participate in building prosperity and equality in their communities.

Our Activities 

LCCE Main Fields of Activities:

Community Development & Youth Economic Empowerment

  • Developing Curricula on Entrepreneurship, soft skills development, and vocational trainings
  • Facilitating youth and women access to labor market
  • Building youth skills and knowledge on entrepreneurship
  • Developing social cohesion approach and acceptance of others at communities level

- Civic Engagement

  • Civic and non-sectarian culture
  • Strengthening the culture of human rights among youth
  • Strengthening the culture of conflict resolution using democratic and non violent means
  • Developing curricula and interactive teaching modules for schools on civic and human rights issues
  • Strengthening the internal capacities of civil society
  • Suggestion of legal and legislative alternatives
  • Exchanging experiences in a culture of dialogue

Community Healthcare

  • Advocating for youth rights to health
  • Developing curricula and multimedia content on youth health awareness
  • Promoting community healthcare awareness and girls and women rights to health
  • Promoting research to better understand youth health concerns and developing adequate solutions
  • Promoting the use of ICT to scale youth health awareness


Our Team

Maroun Mikhael

Executive Director

Since 2014, Maroun has been managing community development programs and ensured the supervision of capacity building programs to develop the life skills and competences of thousands of women and youth living in vulnerable communities in order to play active roles within their communities.
Maroun has Masters in Management from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Paris - ESCP Europe in 2008. He has a previous experience as management consultant with international consultancy firm, and he has been working as a learning development consultant with international non-for-profit organizations in Lebanon since 2014.

Nada Yakoub

Project Coordinator

Nada has been working with LCCE since 2017 on youth and women capacity building programs in disadvantaged communities in Akkar, Wadi Khaled, Bekaa, Tripoli, and Mount Lebanon. Nada has a Masters degree in design from the Lebanese University, and had a previous experience in education and teaching Arts in high schools.

Georgia Michael

Financial and Administrative Assistant

Georgia Michael has a Masters degree in Finance from Lebanese University and a Bachelor degree in Business Administration from Lebanese University. Georgia has been working with LCCE since 2016.

Nidal Mikhael

Economic Empowerment Advisor

Nidal has been working with LCCE as an advisor on youth and women economic empowerment, and micro-entrepreneurship strategy. She is also consultant on business coaching for entrepreneurs, and co-founder of “Imkaniyat” social business incubator hosted by LCCE in North of Lebanon.

Nidal has more than 20 years of experience in start-up support and feasibility studies as head of business centers then as a branch manager in Bank of Beirut.

Dr. Georges Zmeter

Youth and women health Advisor

Dr Georges is an MD specialized in pediatrics and neonates from Claude Bernard University in Lyon, and has more than 10 years of experience serving patients in underserved communities as clinician and chief of neonatology department at Al-Youssef hospital in Halba North of Lebanon.

Dr Georges is LCCE healthcare program advisor on community awareness programs targeting youth and women to improve their health.